General Commands
All general gameplay commands.
  • /spawn - Teleports you to the spawn of the server.
  • /sethome (name) - Saves a location so you can teleport back to it later.
  • /removehome (name) - Removes a saved home.
  • /home (name) - Teleports you to the saved location that you set earlier.
  • /homes - Open up a gui that lists all of your saved homes.
  • /tpa (player name) - Sends the player a request to teleport to them.
  • /tpaccept - Accept a pending teleport request.
  • /tpdeny - Declines a pending teleport request.
  • /tpahere (player name) - Sends the player a request for them to teleport to you.
  • /backpack - Opens up a virtual backpack (kind of like an enderchest), ranking up via /rankup will get you access to more slots!
  • /back - Teleport back to the last location you were when you died or teleported.
  • /balance - Prints out your current money balance.
  • /balance (player name) - Prints out another player's current money balance.
  • /baltop - Print out the top money balances on the server.
  • /mail - Checks to see if you have any mail.
  • /mail send (player name) (message) - Sends a player mail with your message, and will display when they receive it or when they login.
  • /msg (player name) (message) - Send a private message to another player.
  • /r (message) - Automatically reply to the last person you private messaged.
  • /recipe (item name) - Brings up a gui that will show you the crafting recipe for the item.
  • /pay (player name) (amount) - Send another player money.
  • /rules - View the server rule set.
  • /warps - View the server warps that you can teleport to.
  • /pwarps - View player-made warps that you can teleport to.
  • /seen (player name) - View the last time a player has logged in.
  • /suicide - Quickly die in-game without having to wait in lava or water.
  • /ah - Bring up the auction house so you can buy auctioned items by other players.
  • /jobs - Bring up the jobs menu to browse jobs, join, and more.
  • /jobs shop - Open the Jobs point shop to buy a few select items with your points.
  • /pvp - Toggle your state of being able to hit/be hit by other players. (off by default)
  • /redeem - Bring up a menu to use mcMMO credits if available.
  • /enchants - View a list of all of the custom enchantments that we have to offer.
  • /wild - Randomly teleport across the world.
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