Before You Join

General FAQs before you join.

Is this server safe for kids/PG 13?: Yes! We have a plugin called Familychat that allows you to type /familychat into the chat box. This will then censor any cuss words or other things that could be deemed inappropriate to a younger audience. Although Familychat is off by default, it's very easy to toggle on and off! Our staff team is also on top of any offensive content, including inappropriate builds.

Is my data safe?: Absolutely! The only one who sees any type of transaction is the owner, which would only be possible through purchasing things from the store. This is only for confirmation. We use secure sites like PayPal to ensure this stays encrypted and secure.

Is this server Pay To Win?: Nope! Although we do off paid ranks on our store shop, we have plenty of in-game ranks earned through playtime and our in-game jobs that allow you access to a large majority of the same commands. This includes anything from /nick to a larger /backpack to /fix!

What is the World Size?: Our Main Overworld is 20k to -20k, making it 40k total! Our Nether and End Dimensions are 10k to -10k, making them 20k each as well. We do ask that you try to refrain from massively tearing up the Main worlds, despite their size!

What makes the Job's system unique?: For our Jobs system, we have 12 different jobs offered to players so you're sure to find something you're interested in. This includes Woodcutter, Miner, Builder, Digger, Hunter, Farmer, Explorer, Crafter, Fisherman, Weaponsmith, Brewer, and Enchanter. Using our in-game rankup system, you can have up to 8 jobs at the highest rank. To make it unique, our Jobs have their own skill trees. As you level up through them, you gain rewards and points. These points are used for even more rewards in our Jobs Points shop. If you're the competitive type, we also have leaderboards for each job!

What do you mean by saying the claim system has "flags?": Our claim system uses the familiar Golden Shovel tool that everyone has grown used to while also adding more customization twists. You can leave your claim basic and have everything protected, or you can edit your own flags to change anything from allowing animal and mob spawns to item drops and pickups or even player entry! We have 4 pages worth of claims to edit to make it your own.

Do you have a Resourceworld?: Yep! Our Resourceworld is 3.5k by -3.5k, making it 7k across. We update it every 2-4 weeks as needed.

Is the server PvP or PvE?: Primarily we're a PvE server and we have PvP toggled off. However, if you wish to PvP, we allow you and your friends to toggle it on. No one gets hurt unless both parties have it on.[12:00 AM]

How is the economy run?: Player-based using an in-game money number as currency (as opposed to items). We have the ability to join jobs, buy and sell claims, create market chest shops, and an auction house for multiple ways to make money. Staff do not get involved in pricing unless it is a scam or outrageously unfair or clogging things up. (Think a single dirt block for $1,000,000 on the Auction House)

What plugins do you use?: Typically we don't share our plugins, I'm afraid! I'm sure you'll instantly recognize a lot of them, though, such as the always popular McMMO. There are a large part of them that are made by the owner and as such have never been on another server, though.

Are you accepting staff?: We're always accepting applications! Any interested and solid applicants are free to message the Head Admin or Owner with their interest and they can be sent an application form to fill out. Although we may not accept you instantly, we will hold onto it for our next open slot!

What is expected in your staff applications?: Typically, we aim for active and friendly applicants who enjoy helping others. Ideally we'd prefer a join date that is a month old at least with decent play time, but we make exceptions as we see fit! We also try to keep our applicants 16 at the youngest but again, suitable applicants are always welcome to apply and we make exceptions.

Do you host a lot of Events?: We try to! We tend to plan them ahead of time and ensure multiple members will be there to allow for a fair spread. Some of our events include Drop Parties, Trivia, Build Contests, and more!

Is the server Vanilla?: It is Vanilla+! We use Plugins to enhance the base Minecraft experience, but nothing we use will detract from it or change the entire game.

What version is the server on?: As on 5/20/2021, we are on 1.16.5. We try to keep up to date on the latest versions as they become stable and our plugins are all updated! If a plugin ends up getting discontinued on an old version, the Owner finds a new one as close to the original as possible. The Owner also makes a lot of the plugins used daily so they're already being updated the second it stabilizes!

How often do you reset the Main Worlds?: We try not to very often! If something happens that requires it (such as immense lag) or it becomes voted on in high demand, we might reset with a prior heads up and there's a chance we only reset the world vs the entire player info - this means you keep your in-game rank, your inventory, your backpack, your enderchest, your balance, etc! Paid ranks are NEVER lost.

Is KeepInventory on?: Sort of! You get a few free uses of KeepInventory as a newbie before it goes away. After that, you can gain access to it again through ranking up in-game or purchasing a rank.

Are Mods allowed on the server?: This is a tricky question, as we can't pre-approve every single mod. Typically we allow things that solve performance issues/FPS as well as mini-map mods. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage or is direct cheating such as x-raying is not allowed. Feel free to make a ticket or message an Admin+ if you have any questions about what mods are allowed!

Is Badlion Client allowed?: Yep! As usual, anything cheaty isn't allowed, though.

Do you allow Schematica or Litematica?: Yep! Feel free to save your favorite build on your other worlds and rebuild it here. However, anything used to directly COPY/build it automatically isn't.

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