PlayerWarps Guide

How to use our Player Warps system.

Quick Note - Pwarps can be used for anything from shops to a cool build or even public events that players choose to create. To access a help menu in game, type /pwarp help and a list of commands will show up in chat. If you want to see all of the Pwarps currently on the server, type /pwarps and a menu will pop up of all of the currently set ones. If you only want to see a list, type /pwarps list (although you can't click them to teleport).

Creating a Player Warp - To set up your own pwarp, type /pwarp set [warpname] in chat. This will cost you $10,000 in-game money and will then add it to the /pwarps menu for anyone to teleport to. (Please make sure your pwarps are claimed!) You can then use /pwarp remove [warpname] if you want to remove it, although you won't get your money back. If you want to keep the warp but set the wrong location, stand in a new location and type /pwarp reset [warpname]. Typing /pwarp amount will let you know how many you have active.

More Details! - If you want to set a description for your warp, use the /pwarp desc set [warpname] [description] command. To remove it, you use /pwarp desc remove [warpname]. If you want to set a category for your warp to go into (such as shops), type /pwarp category [warpname] [category]. You can also set an icon for your warp of any held item using /pwarp icon set [warpname] and remove it using /pwarp icon remove [warpname] to set it back to your player head.

Ownership Transfers - Finally, you can transfer ownership of your pwarp to another player through the /pwarp setowner [warpname] [username] command. You can also rate a warp using /pwarp rate [warpname] [rating] or through the GUI menu when you right click it. In the same menu as rating, you can also set a warp as a favorite or use the /pwarp favorite [warpname] command.

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