Image On Map Guide

A guide to placeing images in game, for Divines.

/tomap is a command that divine ranks have access to. It allows players to add real life photos into their game.

To use: To grab a photo from google, right click it and click ‘Open image in new tab’.

Copy the link that’s in the URL bar. Now, in game chat, type in /tomap (paste your URL here). If you want to change the size, at the end of the command, add ‘resize (width) (height). Replace the brackets with the numbers (1 = 1 block). Example: /tomap (url) resize 3 3 – This will make a 3 block by 3 block photo.

To display, add item frames to the appropriate measurements, and right click with the map.

To Display with a screenshot, or a photo from file explorer, upload it to Imgur. Once uploaded, click on the photo, and click ‘open image in new tab’. Repeat same command as above.

  • Thanks Bolphin for writing this guide.

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