Jobs Guide

Time to make some money.

Quick Note - If you prefer to explore it yourself, typing in /jobs will open up a GUI with all of the information and options inside of it. If you prefer to know just the chat commands, they'll be explained here!

Statistics, Skill Trees, and Quests - If you're interested in your stats, you can type /jobs stats and it will show you a history of what you've done over all your employed jobs. It will also show you the job skill trees, which is where you can earn rewards for levelling up in your jobs. The last thing this menu will show you is the quest menu, where you can find everything you've completed, everything pending, and your daily quests. If you click the daily quests option, for example, it will give you a chat message and hovering over it will show you what you have to do that day. It will gradually change color on the bar as you progress.

Competitive? - You can find a server-wide leaderboard through the /jobs top [jobname] command, if you feel like being competitive! It will temporarily show up on the right side of your screen.

The Interview Process (How to Join and Leave Jobs) - To view the various Jobs you can join, type /jobs browse and it will open a GUI to allow you to join or learn more about them. Left clicking will join one and right clicking will open another menu with more information. When you join a job, left click it again the the GUI if you want to leave it. To find out more info about a job without going through the GUI, type /jobs info [job]. If you already know what you want to join, just type /jobs join [job] and to leave it, type /jobs leave [job]. In the event you want to leave all of your jobs, the command is /jobs leaveall. The jobs are as follows: Woodcutter, Miner, Builder, Digger, Farmer, Hunter, Explorer, Crafter, Fisherman, Weaponsmith, Brewer, and Enchanter.

MORE Rewards? (Points Shop) - While you earn money and rewards for doing jobs and completing quests with them, you also earn something called Points. These points can be checked using the /jobs points command. When you get enough, you can use the /jobs shop command to see the Points shop and purchase enchanted tools, armor, and more!

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