General FAQs.

How do I create a Claim?: This will be explained much more in depth in it's own section, but if you want to create just a basic claim (there's also town claims!), the plugin we use also uses the Golden Shovel system! Use a Golden Shovel and right click 2 diagonally opposite corners to claim all of the blocks between them from build height to bedrock.

Can I add my friends to my Claim? How?: Yep! After creating your claim, simply stand inside of it and type /trust [username] and they will be granted access to your containers and to build in your claim.

How do I make Money?: There are a few ways! You can sell things to other players with the Auction House or chest shops. You can also join jobs and make money through regular gameplay or through actively doing daily quests for your jobs. Crates can also reward money, and you get keys by voting every day. You can also do other services for players like building and earn money through that. There are also server-wide events that offer money as a reward.

How do I Vote?: Just type /vote in game to get a pop-up on screen with all of our vote links or see our #about channel and check under the Important Links section!

How do I Rank Up?: To rank up, type /ranks in game. It will bring up a GUI that shows you what your in progress rank is, the required play time, votes, and money to rank up, and the rewards it offers. Each rank requires something different!

How do I get Custom Enchantments?: Just like you get normal ones! They can be applied onto your tools through a regular enchanting table as well as purchased from Librarian villagers. You can also win a few in Crates.

How do I create a Chest Shop?: There's a more in-depth explanation in it's own section, as well as it's own help menu in game via /quickshop help. However, to make a basic sell shop, there's a few easy steps. All you have to do is place a chest, point your cursor at it, and type /quickshop sell [price] and it will make a shop selling the item currently in your hand for your set price. You then refill it like a normal chest!

How do I set up a Player Warp?: There will be a more in-depth explanation below, but there's also a help menu in-game with /pwarp help. To make your own player warp, you just have to stand where you'd like it to warp to and type /pwarp set [name].

How do I get to Resourceworld? Is there a Nether Resourceworld or End Resourceworld?: Just type /warp resourceworld in chat to get to a mini hub spawnpoint. Sadly, due to the way the plugins work, there is only one Nether and one End.

Do Mobs spawn in Resourceworld?: Yep! Hostile and passive mobs do, as well as our Custom Mobs.

Can we grief in Resourceworld?: No, world grief is still not allowed. You can kill the Wither there, as well as mine underground with TNT, though, as well as dig up large patches of dirt and sand! But lava, water, etc grief is not allowed.

Can I build in the Nether? What about the End?: Yes, you can build in both! However, these worlds are subject to earlier resets than the Main Overworld IF they are needed/voted on to replenish resources. In the event they are reset first, there will be plenty of prior notice!

How do I redeem my McMMO Credits? How do I get them?: Just type /redeem [skill] [amount] in chat! Type /credits to see how many you have.

How far do I have to be from another Claim?: A minimum of 150 blocks is enforced, but further is always recommended! Our world is 40k across so there's plenty of room to spread out.

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