Mcmmo Guide

Need some help with the RPG plugin?

Quick Note - McMMO is the plugin we use to allow you to gain levels and unlock new abilities through daily play. To view your stats, you can use /mcstats. To view the server leaderboard, you can use /mctop [skill] [page].

Minecraft but Learning - To see the different skills you can level up through McMMO or what level you are at with them, type /mcmmo:skill. For example, if you've been doing a lot with bows and arrows and would like to see your level or unlocked abilities, you'd use /mcmmo:archery. With some skills, abilities can be triggered with a right click vs having a percentage chance to happen - make sure to check and see what you have!

2's Company but 3+ is a Party - If you'd like to chat privately with a group of friends, McMMO offers something called Party Chat. You can use /party help to see a list of commands in-game as well. To create a party, you simply type /party create [name]. You have the option to give it a password prior to creation with /party create [name] [password]. This is suggested if you don't want random people to join your party if they can guess the name! To see the level of your party or members, type /party info. You can also lock a party with /party [lock or unlock]. To invite others to join your party, you type /party invite [username] and they have to type /party accept. Prior to doing this, it is recommended to level up your party (which can be done by leveling up your basic McMMO skills) to unlock the Party Chat feature, among others. When you have the Party Chat feature unlocked, you can toggle it on and off using /partychat or /pc and sending just that. That will then lock you into the chat and to exit, type it again. If you want to send it message by message, the command is /partychat [message] or /pc [message]. To leave a party, do /party quit and for the owner to fully remove it, they would have to do /party disband. Parties also have an xpshare and itemshare feature you can unlock, with the ability to toggle them on and off via the /party itemshare and /party xpshare features.

Credit Without the Debt - You can also gain credits to use for McMMO through our Crates at /warp crates. To redeem these, just type /redeem [skill] [amount] in chat! Type /credits to see how many you have. If you prefer a GUI to click and look at, type /redeem and one will open.

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